Vehicle Registration Check
Vehicle Registration Check - 1 in 3 UK cars have a hidden history

Stolen, Clocked, Financed or Written Off, Don't Risk it! Get a Vehicle Registration Check

You need a VEHICLE REGISTRATION CHECK if you are thinking of buying...

Any type of registered vehicle - The vehicle registration number must be checked against the VIN with a reputable car data check company before you buy the vehicle or hand over any cash! To start you will need the vehicles registration number so have it handy. You can log in later with the VIN number to activate any indemnity insurance/guarantee. The VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) is the long number stamped into the chassis usually under the bonnet or corner of windscreen.

With the rising cost of fuel and a full car data check being available for only a few pounds it's better to check a few cars from home before setting off.

A Vehicle Registration Check should tell you...Instant Vehicle Registration Check results

  • If the vehicle VIN and ID matches DVLA records etc..
  • If the vehicle registration number is right for that vehicle
  • If the vehicle has had a plate transfer and if there is any hidden history behind those
  • If it is an insurance write off - 1 in 7 checked are!
  • If the Police have any interest in it
  • If there is any outstanding finance - 1 in 4 are still financed!
  • Has it been clocked - 1 in 12 show discrepancies!
  • C02 Emissions - this affects cost of taxing it (RFL Road Fund Licence or VED Vehicle Excise Duty)
  • Plus much much more....

You should check the vehicle before handing over any cash, over 1 million vehicles are checked this way every year in the UK Don't be the one who gets caught out, you risk losing the car by reposession or buying a deathtrap so check it first!



UK's most popular Vehicle Registration Check services below...

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